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BLOU presents the work of two goldsmiths, Zoë Nina & Frouks, each with its own collection of unique jewelery.

Frouks is the name for the collection designed and made by Froukje van der Avoird, who graduated in 1996 at the Vakschool voor Edelsmeden in Amsterdam.

Zoë Nina is the name for Zoë Nina Schaad's collection and she went to study with Froukje a couple of years ago and this has eventually become a collaboration in the BLOU gallery.

Both goldsmiths stand for authenticity and craftsmanship and feel that working behind the workbench is the nicest part of the profession. But  to look together with the customer to see which jewelry suits them the best and then to work it out in a tailor-made piece is something that makes the profession so special. After all, a piece of jewelry is something personal, and it is a special added value for us to know that the thing you are making becomes dear to the person who is going to wear it.

There is a workshop in the back of the store, so you can take a look at where and how the jewelry is made. The jewelry in BLOU is unique, so they are all different and we like to make something that suits you. There is a large collection of gems to choose from, because we both like to work with gems.

BLOU has both raw and raw authentic work, with for example fossils or dinosaur egg and also more sophisticated shapes with lots of color.

In addition to our collections, we also show the work of varying guest exhibitors, of both art and jewelry.

Address: Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 145-sous

Tel: +3120 320 3202



Woe/Wed  11-18
Don/Thu   11-18
Vrij/Fri       11-18
Zat/Sat      11-17
And by appointment