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Hans Dietze

​​​In my studio you will find a beautiful collection of finest hand crafted jewellery, engagement rings and wedding bands. 

It is located at just a two minutes walk from the Anne Frank House and the Wester Church. The first little street running parallel to the Prinsengracht. 


I have been designing and crafting my jewelry in this tiny studio here for over 35 years.

Just stroll a bit through the laid-back, romantic little streets which are so characteristic to the “Jordaan” and while doing so visit my goldsmith studio. I will be very happy to receive you here!

If you want to be certain that you will reach me, I would recommend that you send me an e-mail or call me prior to your visit.


Thank You!

Address: Eerste Leliedwarsstraat 15

Tel: +3120 627 1390


By appointment

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