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The Jewelry Route


This jewellery route is about 8 kilometres long and easy to walk or bike. Especially if you stop at one of the recommended cafés and restaurants along the way. When you rent a bike at Holland Rent a Bike you receive a 10% discount when showing the flyer/pdf print. This route can be started from any of the participating gold and silver smiths. Please check this website for the current opening hours.


Each participating goldsmith can be the starting point.
When you arrive by train at the Central Station, Mio Jewelry is a convenient starting point. Or if you want to rent a bike you can start with Stefan Witjes. If you park the car at Amsterdam RAI (Park & ​​Ride), then Marije Buffing is the closest. For example, if you want to visit the Rijksmuseum in the morning and want a gold and silver discovery tour in the afternoon, the Sieradenroute can begin at the Gallery Van der Laag . The most obvious sequence is indicated on the card, but in the choice of the streets you can lead to your next destination, you are completely free. All streets of Amsterdam are beautiful.

Opening hours
On average, most participants are open from Thursday to Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm. For some, you can look at the personal websites for the current opening hours. 

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