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Hanck Hengeveld

Address: Tweede Leliedwarsstraat 10 HS

Tel: +3120 6272 445


Maa/Mon   11 - 18
Din/Tue      11 - 18
Don/Thu     11 - 18
Vrij/Fri        11 - 18
Zat/Sat       11 - 17

In the middle of the Amsterdam Jordaan area, in a charming street near the Anne Frank House and Western Church you will find a jewelry atelier. Since 2005 this is the workspace of jewelry designers duo Hanck Hengeveld, opposites that complement each other completely: man and woman, bold and sophisticated, minimalistic and detailed. One crazy about the latest technology, the other attracted to old techniques. Together, they can do anything. They play with fire, hammers, drawbench and rolling mills, as well with technology of laser, 3D design, 3d printing and casting.


Matthijs Hanck Jewelry stands for flawless, minimalist, exclusive and innovative design. With a passion for innovation and many years of technical experience he has the expertise to make the link from rough idea into 3D design and final piece of jewel perfectly. His bold minimalist designs are popular as wedding bands and you could call this his specialty.


Marleen Hengeveld works under the label AMMA Jewelry. Graduated as a goldsmith and art historian, her work is mostly inspired by art, ancient techniques and the beauty of gemstones and pearls.

In her work Marleen combines age-old techniques with modern-day design. This fusion results in timeless yet contemporary pieces of jewelry which show a fine and delicate craftmanship and a passion for detail.


Besides engagement rings, wedding bands and their home collection, you can go to Hanck Hengeveld for made to order design, jewelry repairs and corporate gifts.

The duo also regularly works on projects together. In 2014 the studio was commissioned by the International Campaign for Tibet to realize a silver medal for the Dalai Lama.

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