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Stefan Witjes Jewelry

Address: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 135

Tel: +3120 622 6522

Din/Tue     9.30 -17.30
Woe/Wed  9.30 -17.30
Don/Thu   9.30 -20.30
Vrij/Fri       9.30 -17.30
Zat/Sat         10 -16.30

And by appointment

Conveniently located in the heart of Amsterdam, amidst the traditional architecture of Dam Square is a design jewelry shop that is so much more than traditional.


Stefan Witjes Jewelry

Whether it is a deserved reward to keep for yourself or a custom-made celebratory gift for the loved ones you cherish most, Stefan Witjes jewelry and designs are beautiful statements of you and your life.


The stunning Stefan Witjes collection represents the pinnacle of our design philosophy. Steel, gold and platinum are the centerpiece of an exciting design inventory that includes many of Europe’s most celebrated designers.

A fifth generation gold/silversmith, Stefan’s philosophy and craft embodies the world’s most memorable designs in architecture and sculpture, bringing strength and grandeur to your life.


A single piece by Stefan Witjes will make a statement: This is beautiful, in and of itself.


A set or collection can easily be created as your eye and taste guide you: The aesthetic unity of Stefan’s jewelry allows you to powerfully and confidently mix and match one piece with another.

Personal. Elegant. Signature.


Stefan has been manipulating steel like no other from the very first years of his craft. Like him, you will be attracted to its longevity, its clean, cool colour, and the powerful weight you feel when you wear it. Choosing to add a solitaire or a long row of small brilliant cut diamonds into Stefan’s strong designs will create the astonishing elegance of a truly timeless piece you will cherish forever.


You immediately recognize that something truly special happens when Stefan combines the hard, industrial strength of stainless steel with the brilliant elegance of a diamond: the tension between their opposing powers ignites an almost mystical reaction and a new power is born.


We invite you to visit our Design Jewelry shop in the heart of Amsterdam.

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