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MOYA Jewelry & Design

Playful technical quirks characterize the modern and wearable jewels by MOYA, a Dutch jewellery label by Eline van der Laag. A pearl rolls inside a ring when the hand moves and a necklace, contains a hidden message written with pearls: just a few examples of her innovative designs. “People are surprised about new designs like this, but design never stops. There is still so much to discover!”

MOYA designs themselves are very well received by local and international guests and galleries, but Van der Laag is nowhere near too big for her boots. This perfectly suits the origin of het label’s name: “it is a contraction of the words ’mooi ja!’, which is what my family and friends say when I show them a new design. It’s the typical Dutch down to earth way of saying: ‘that’s beautiful!’.”

*As of January 1, 2023, the gallery on Spiegelgracht will be closed, only open by appointment in the studio in Amsterdam West.

Tel: +3120 737 0679


By appointment

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